The Peel — December 22nd 2021

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5 min readDec 22, 2021


The Peel now drops — more or less - weekly at a non-disclosed time (we like to keep you guessing) and includes roadmap updates plus other notable news from Ape Gang’s Universe.

The Peel is Ape City’s official newsletter

First up, another excellent background story — this time by playoffp#9586

Agent 6418, also known as Don Poncho, is the most feared bounty hunter in all of the Apeverse. The mere mention of his name struck fear into all those who would dare paper hand and undercut. Although Don Poncho is now known as the greatest bounty hunter to exist, it was not always this way.

As he rose through the ranks at the Intergalactic Space Hunting Academy, he had a classmate that always seemed to beat him at everything… his code-name was The Fangster. The Fangster was notoriously known by the sinister grin displayed on his face after hunting down his latest bounty. As they matured, Don Poncho and The Fangster became partners, forming the most terrifying bounty hunting duo to ever exist.

Stories of their adventures spread throughout the Apeverse as they continued to complete bounties, and capture enemies. The story of these two bounty hunters changed on one fateful day, after capturing the notorious pirate Blackbeard. While collecting treasure from Blackbeard’s spaceship, a haunting feeling overcame Don Poncho. As he turned around to survey his surroundings, he realized The Fangster, standing tall above him, sword drawn, with his signature sinister grin plastered over his face. Before Don Poncho could ask what was happening, the sword slashed both of his eyes, leaving him unable to see. As Don Poncho writhed in pain on the ground, The Fangster quickly left the ship with the treasure… never to be seen again.

Don Poncho was eventually able to make it back to the Intergalactic Space Hunting Academy, where they gave him prosthetic robot eyes to help him see. As he began completing new bounties, the vivid memory of his partner betraying him never left Don Poncho’s mind.

Years later, Don Poncho hears news of his home city, Port Ape being taken over by a tyrannical leader. As he opened his newspaper to read what happened, in bold letters he reads “I’m back” followed by a picture of a man with an eerie smile across his face. Immediately recognizing this man as The Fangster, Don Poncho lit a cigarette and entered his spaceship, bound for his home city. As the smoke exhaled from his mouth, a grin reminiscent of The Fangster came across his face as he prepared to finally take his revenge against the partner who betrayed him.….. To be continued

Don Poncho (#6418) by playoffp#9586

Roadmap & project updates

This week’s edition of The Peel is more forward looking than usual because we’ve come to the end of our crazy December push to complete a solid foundation for future growth.

We can safely say, that no other project has delivered a merchandise collection, a gaming interface (Gang Wars Manager), a functioning metaverse, a migration platform, and a utility token in the span of 3 weeks.

Over the next 3–6 months we will leverage on the foundation we have built to fulfill our vision of becoming a global decentralized brand.

Hence, the Management Team & Founders are spending the Holiday Season working on a revised strategy and updated roadmap (version 4.0).

We will officially launch roadmap 4.0 in January 2022 but wanted to give a preview beforehand.

As always, we greatly appreciate community feedback and suggestions so please hit us up if anything comes to mind after you read this.

Roadmap 3.0 will soon be history


Besides rolling out our first utilities (Name/Bio Change, Event Access, Metaverse Items, Metaverse Real Estate, Fusing Jaguar NFTs into Legendary Jaguar NFTs, and Breeding of Legendary Cubs), we will go all in to generate external demand for $GANG. External demand (i.e. demand from non-holders) will serve to grow our community, increase our brand recognition, and create value for our holders.



The Ape Gang community is — hands down — our most valuable asset. Over the next 3–6 months we will ramp up community activities and engagement. Owning an Ape Gang NFT is already way more than merely an investment and we want to take things to the next level.


Brand development is ALL about partnerships and we will focus heavily on securing major partnerships to support our vision of becoming a global decentralised brand. Our recently announced Binance partnership is a great start, but there’s much more to come.

Notable mentions & social media

Don’t forget to join our AMA for fans & participants of Survivor and Big Brother on December 22nd 5pm EST. The AMA is co-hosted by survivor winner and fan favorite Mike Holloway.

This should be good!

Competitions and giveaways

The Golden Ape giveaway

Congratulations to sartoshinft.eth for winning THE GOLDEN APE; one of the most iconic apes in Ape Gang’s official 1/1 collection.


Tournament of champions

Our series of 1vs1 warm-up tournaments for Gang Wars Season 1 has come to an end and we’ve now reached the Tournament of Champions.

Taking place on December 22nd 12am EST, who is your $GANG on?

HUB is looking outmatched :-)



Ape Gang

Created on May 4th 2021 and minted in June 2021, Ape Gang is a PFP collection & decentralised brand fuelled by $GANG.