Contract migration, $GANG, and Jaguar NFT Q&A

Q1: When exactly will contract migration commence and how long do I have to migrate my apes?

Q2: Where do I migrate my apes?

Q3: Will there be two official Ape Gang collections moving forward?

Q4: How much will it cost in gas fees to migrate?

Q5: Do I need to manually change the gas fee limit like it was the case for the Toucan Mint?

Q6: Will apes start yielding $GANG from day 1 after migration?

Q7: Is $GANG automatically added to holders’ wallets on a daily basis?

Q8: Will Ape Gang enable staking of $GANG?

Q9: Will Ape Gang provide a liquidity pool for $GANG

Q10: How much is $GANG worth?

Q11: Where can holders spend their $GANG?

Q12: When can holders start spending $GANG on the different utilities?

Q13: What is the total supply of $GANG

Q14: What happens to $GANG that is spent on utilities?

Q15: Can I buy more $GANG

Q16:When will Toucan burning be available?

Q17: What are the thoughts behind Jaguar NFT fusing and breeding?

Jaguar NFTs



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