Quick start guide — Alpha launch of Ape Gang’s metaverse

Get started

WE MADE IT!!! Our brand new custom metaverse was recently released at https://leapn.life/ape-city !

Simply link your MetaMask wallet, type your name, select your fur and click play! Commands will appear on the home-screen or you can press “i” to reveal the commands!

Time to explore!

Please keep in mind this is an early access ALPHA launch with the purpose of ironing out any bugs and issues before we really begin to scale and implement all the amazing things you guys want to see such as: YOUR ape being a playable character, events, pvp battles, accessories and more!

We would really appreciate you sending any bugs to the “bug-report” channel in Ape Gang’s Discord so we can swiftly fix them and make the experience better for everyone!

We will continue to add stuff to this metaverse every single day to make the scenery authentic and interesting. The hard part of development is over and now is the time to begin building all the incredible cool features that we all want!

We want to thank Leapn and everyone in the community that has supported us this far and we hope you guys absolutely love this as much as we do!

Common bugs

1. In the join screen once you type your name , your cursor may disappear. Simply press escape to regain sight of the cursor and then you can select a fur and click play!

2. If you get stuck in the big parkour area on top of the stadium, simply refresh the page!



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