Lore Chapter 16: The Sleepy Cheese

Ape Gang
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The Sleepy Cheese


If you are new to Ape Gang’s lore we recommend you revisit the previous chapters for a detailed recap.

In this chapter we revisit Ape City’s Wake & Bake bakery where something cheesy is cooking.

The Sleepy Cheese

Today, like all days, Louise was up bright and early prepping the wake and bakery to open. Turning on the lights, picking up scraps of tin foil left over from the night before, clearing the crumbs left on the floors and making sure no signs were left of the business that may or may not happen in the wee hours of the night. Most importantly, locking up the basement, where all of the ‘secret ingredients’ were kept. No normies could stumble upon the goods down there or Louise could end up with big trouble on her hands. If anyone outside the cartel found out about it she would be out of business and ran out of town.

Most evenings when the bakery was closed, some apes would meet there for less than savory reasons. They would discuss many topics, but especially the jaguars, and their affiliation with the humans. They desperately wanted the city back in ape control, and it was in these midnight meetings that the idea was born. Today would be the start of something new and special. Louise and her crew had a plan for Ape City and the bakery was going to be essential in regaining that control. At least they thought so. And if all was to go well, they could end up rolling in dough, so to speak.

The key was rolling out new treats with a powerful new recipe. A cheese sandwich with peculiar side effects. Anyone ordering the new cheddar baguette could expect to become drowsy and sluggish. The fun part would be feeding them with those who might least expect it, like jaguars.

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