Lore Chapter 1: The Origins anno 1953

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All is not well in Ape City.

It’s 2022 and the humans are once again encroaching on the outskirts of our territories. The new generation of apes has become complacent having spent their lives in abundance. Now, it is once again time for us to protect what we have built.

Who am I, you may ask? My name is Bozo, The Simian Ape Gang Scientist, and I shall be your narrator as we journey along this tale of how tree-dwelling apes overcame hardship and became modern 21st-century apes despite fierce opposition from the humans.

The Origins anno 1953

So, let’s take you back to the origins of where we came from and why we are here now. Our tribe of apes used to be simple creatures living undisturbed in the deepest parts of the jungle, minding our business and living as free as we could. Our days passed swinging from tree to tree without a care in life. Then on an autumn day in 1953, one of our ancestors stumbled across an ancient portal hidden from plain sight in a rarely visited part of the jungle. The portal gave us access to a new world rich in ganganite — a rare-earth mineral with the power to accelerate evolution. Those of us who migrated across to the new world rapidly evolved a sense of identity and built complex communities, and a way of life that we truly cherished.

The Good Years

Every day, the tribe would gather their harvesting equipment and set off on their jaguars into the jungle to see what they could bring home. They used toucans as guides, who could soar above the jungle canopy and spot the ganganite assets the apes so desperately needed to accelerate the growth of their ecosystem.

Our ancestors evolved with help from their ganganite gains and grew stronger and more intelligent by the year. They developed their personalities and forms and could carve a new path as modern apes in our space. However, only 20 years later, a strange beast appeared on one of our hunts. It was eating trees and unearthing the land beneath its feet. We had never seen a thing of such magnitude and destruction before; it was horrific and needed to be stopped. There came with it, strange-looking creatures; they were like shaved apes but wore a strange wrapping on their bodies. These were “The Humans”.

The Humans

They made many noises and shouted things like “Just kill it”, “Burn it down”, and “Grab that ganganite”. Such sentences were new to our vocabulary.

Collectively, we got our simian minds together and decided we needed to study these odd beasts and figure out what motivated their madness.

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