Lore Chapter 15: The Underground

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The Underground


If you are new to Ape Gang’s lore we recommend you revisit the previous chapters for a detailed recap.

Did you know that Ape City has its very own metal band? And as always there’s a twist.

The Underground

Once the sun set over the city, the members of the metal band known as “The Underground” began their double life. They put on their leather jackets, spiked bracelets, and skull makeup and headed out to the local venues to play their music. The crowd cheered as they played, but unbeknownst to the audience, the band members were also undercover federal agents.

Their mission was to gather intel on various crime groups operating in the city. The first group they targeted was the strip club. The band’s lead guitarist, known only as “Slash,” posed as a bouncer at the club. He watched the patrons and the employees, looking for any signs of illegal activity.

The band’s drummer, “Thunder,” infiltrated a medical research facility. His knowledge of biology and chemistry allowed him to gather information on the illegal experimentation being conducted by the facility.

Meanwhile, the band’s bassist, “Shark,” got a job at a local bakery. He used his position to keep an eye on the illegal activities of the bakery’s owner and his associates.

The band’s keyboardist, “Code,” hacked into the computer systems of the various crime groups, gathering information on their operations and plans.

And finally, the lead vocalist, “Raven,” used her charisma to get close to the leaders of the crime groups. She gathered valuable intel and passed it along to her fellow band members.

Despite the danger they faced, the members of “The Underground” continued to gather intel on the criminal underworld, using their skills in espionage to bring justice to the city. They were a band by night, but by day, they were heroes in the fight against crime.

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