Lore Chapter 17: Property Wars

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3 min readJun 20, 2023
Property Wars


If you are new to Ape Gang’s lore we recommend you revisit the previous chapters for a detailed recap.

Jaguars are now taking over everything. Including Ape City’s property market.

Property Wars

Hey Gang! Bozo’s here with some bad news from Ape City where I find myself immersed in what can only be described as a tumultuous Property Wars. The conflict is unfolding between apes and jaguars, a formidable species that — as you all know — has forcefully taken control of our beloved city.

Central to this new battle is the concept of property and the deep-rooted value it holds for both sides. Throughout the history of Ape City, property rights played a pivotal role, enabling us to generate passive income and contributing to the architectural heritage that defined our community.
For decades, apes occupied distinct districts within Ape City, each with its own unique charm and character. These districts were not only places to call home but also valuable assets that brought economic stability to our society. Apes who owned properties in strategic locations could benefit from rental income, allowing them to support their families and invest in the city’s development.

The exchange of property in Ape City is not merely a transaction, but an opportunity to leave a lasting imprint on the city’s architectural fabric. With each transfer of ownership, the buildings and structures evolved, reflecting the tastes, aspirations, and creativity of the apes who owned them. Over time, Ape City became a testament to our rich architectural heritage, showcasing a diverse array of designs and styles that mirrored the collective spirit of our community.

The value placed on property goes beyond mere financial considerations. Owning a piece of Ape City represents a sense of belonging, an anchor to our past and a stake in our future. It fosters a deep sense of pride and responsibility in shaping the city’s destiny.

However, the arrival of jaguars disrupted this harmonious existence. Their forceful takeover threatens the very foundation of our property rights, undermining the economic stability and cultural heritage that we have painstakingly built over the years. The jaguars are now seeking to diminish our ownership rights, coercing us into surrendering our properties at drastically reduced prices.

We’re at a critical juncture, grappling with the possibility of losing not only our homes but also the means to generate income and preserve our architectural legacy. Our sense of identity has always been entwined with the land we occupied, and the prospect of the jaguars wresting it away fills most of us with anxiety and despair.

More than ever, uncertainty looms over our future. The battle for property rights represents more than just a struggle for physical space; it involves the preservation of our economic prosperity and the architectural tapestry that defined our community.

Will we ever be able to reclaim our properties, reestablishing the foundations that allowed us to flourish?

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