Lore Chapter 13: BGB

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Before you read the latest chapter of Ape Gang’s lore, we recommend you revisit the previous chapters for a detailed recap.

We left off in chapter 12 with the first part of a mini series about the Ape City Cartel, a force to be reckoned with in Ape City’s underground scene.

ACC is run by no other than BGB but did you ever wonder how he grew into this role?


BGB’s history with the Ape City Cartel goes back many years. He was born into AC and raised to follow the family’s traditions and values. His parents were both high-ranking members of the organization, and from an early age, BGB was groomed to take on a leadership role within the group. As he grew older, he quickly proved himself to be a valuable asset to the organization, both through his intelligence and his unwavering loyalty.

BGB’s reputation within ACC began to grow as he became more involved in the group’s activities. He quickly gained a reputation for his skill in gang warfare, which was instrumental in the ACC’s victory in several key battles. His strategic planning and tactical expertise led him to become one of the most respected members of the organization, and he was soon appointed as a key advisor to the group’s leaders.

Over time, BGC rose to the very top of Ape City Cartel and became the organization’s de facto leader. His strategic mind, business acumen, and unwavering loyalty to the family made him an indispensable figure within the group. Known to many as “El Ape,” BGB commanded respect and admiration from all members, who saw him as the ultimate authority within the organization. Further adding to his status he was widely feared by his enemies, who knew that crossing him would result in swift and brutal retribution.

Despite his success, BGB remained a somewhat mysterious figure within ACC. He rarely talked about his personal life or shared details about his past, which only added to his enigmatic reputation. Some Apes and Jaguars within the organization speculated that he had connections to powerful political figures or that he had a hidden fortune stashed away somewhere. However, the truth was far simpler: BGB’s sole driving force was his loyalty to ACC and his dedication to the family.

To this day, BGB remains a highly respected and influential figure. All members of the organization look up to him as a role model and are inspired to work harder and push themselves further in order to provide for the family. And if any foe presents themselves, BGB is always ready to use his means and methods to effectively deal with them, ensuring that the family’s hold on the city’s criminal underworld remains unchallenged.

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