Lore Chapter 11: Free Bird!?

Ape Gang
2 min readApr 18, 2023
Free Bird!?


Before you read the latest chapter of Ape Gang’s lore, we recommend you revisit the previous chapters for a detailed recap.

We left off in chapter 10 with The Scientist and Ape Lincoln building a secret weapons lab in the sewers under Ape City.

And now for something completely different.

Free Bird!?

Remember Bozo? Ape City’s grey haired narrator. Well, here’s something you didn’t know about him.

Ever since Bozo first laid his eyes on Ganganite crystals he’d been obsessed with understanding the origins and lifecycle of this immensely powerful force of nature.

Much more so than regular inhabitants of Ape City. They just enjoyed participating in the weekly burn parties where toucan souls were set free while their scorched shells lined the temple walls with ultra pure Ganganite.

Ever since the Toucan blaze in 1979, toucans continued to set their finest specimens ablaze on a weekly basis. No one really knew why. And frankly, no one really cared as long as Ganganite was flowing.

No one, except Bozo who had been obsessed with ancient toucan lore since 1979 and now stood in front of a major breakthrough.

Bozo could hardly contain his excitement. This answered everything. The toucan sacrifices. Why toucan souls were always seen flying in the same direction deep into the jungle. The Ganganite connection.

And then it dawned on him.

This is Ape Gang’s lore

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