Ape Gang Community Series: Get to know “Ic3cream.eth”

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3 min readNov 16, 2021

In this series of blog posts we interview notable Ape Gang community members. In our last interview with “apegangmoon” he suggested we interview “Ic3cream.eth” a relative recent addition to Ape Gang’s community who is already making a name for himself.

What’s the favorite ape you own?

A striking embodiment of Tony Stark. Fun fact Ic3cream.eth only buys apes with blue background

What’s the ape of your dreams?

The Ape of my dreams is the Full Batman ape. (I’ll get it one day) Putting it into the universe!

Better start saving up. Ape #6613 is listed at 20 ETH

What’s your favorite ape trait?

I currently have 3, Joker hair, Ironman Suit, Batman. Also I will only purchase Apes with a blue background 💙

How did you find Ape Gang and why did you ape in?

I was looking at buying my first NFT around late July looking for a quick flip ( to be honest). I did some research and APE GANG was the first one I came across that I genuinely loved the aesthetic of it. Purely off that I bought #5016, when I jumped in the discord. I became HODL Gang for life!

What are your interests outside of Ape Gang?

I love basketball watch NBA daily, Play competitively 3 times a week, I have my own business in Syd that keeps me busy. Also I’m 29 and got a wife and kid so fam is important so spending time with them.

What do you think you’re known for in the community?

Being active and spreading positive vibes. And having the Tony Stark Ape.

What’s your favorite thing about the community?

Besides it being active 24/7 which is amazing since I’m in Australia so my time zones doesn’t match up with most. Just the vibes man I love jumping in the discord and twitter and I know there’s APE GANG members who have the same mentality as myself just to be positive. Sets the day in the morning til evening. Great chat great people, the twitter love its unbeatable never though I’ll have 400+ on twitter.

What’s a must know for someone wanting to join the community?

If you want a supportive community that will back you til the end either on Instagram, twitter or discord when you see that Ape Gang PFP you know it’s love and support ❤

Where do you see Ape Gang EOY (talking about floors is forbidden)?

With our current roadmap 3.0 and the sneak peaks of the meta verse and 3D apes, I’ll be honest I really believe we’ll be a top 5 blue chip NFT, the community is too strong, the marketing team is next level. In 6 months it’ll be Crypto Punks, BAYC, Ape Gang, running the NFT space.

Who should we interview next and why?

MadRab.eth, Just a good dude had some DM chats too always super active and gets a lot of love from the community .



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