Toucan Stats and Utility

The purpose of this article is to ensure that all our holders are fully aware of the trade-off between burning their Toucans and increasing $GANG yielding OR keeping their Toucans and using them for Gang Wars Season 2.

If you burn your Toucan

If you don’t burn your Toucan

Up to five Toucan booster slots

How do Toucan traits influence their stats?

Please take note that it will still take 10–12 hours before the final stats are rolled out throughout the collection. You can speed up the process by manually refreshing the metadata.

The plumage itself provides a background value within 3 or all 4 stat dimensions (health, strength, critical (crit), fail). The assets add on top of these background values:

  • Hats boost health.
  • Beaks boost strength because Toucans use their beaks to inflict damage.
  • Accessories boost both health, strength, and critical due to their rarity.
  • Clothes boost critical.
  • Eyes reduce the chance of failure because of increased vision.

Here’s a quick reminder of the different stat dimensions for Apes:

  • Health is straightforward. When your Ape reaches zero health in Gang Wars, it has lost the battle.
  • Strength is the damage done to your opponent in each turn.
  • Crit is the percentage chance of inflicting critical damage on your opponent (1.5x of the normal damage inflicted)
  • Fail is the percentage chance of failing an attack. If your ape fails it doesn’t inflict any damage on its opponent.
Get to know your Toucan’s strengths

Here are some examples for you to dig through:

Examples of Toucan stats

How do Toucan stats boost Ape stats?

For example, if your Ape has health 400 and you boost it with a 65 health Toucan, your Ape will have 465 health after the boost.

Toucan stat values will be added to your Ape’s stat values

So how should you go about selecting the best Toucans to boost your gang? We will leave this entirely up to you. Maybe you decide to lower your Robot Ape’s chance of failing. Or increase the crit chance for your Red Devil Ape. Who knows ..

Remember that only 2 apes are boosted from beginning. So choose wisely and try to find the best combinations.

How do I burn my Toucans?

25 means 25% boost of $GANG yielding



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