The Peel — October 23rd 2021

As a tribute to legendary Ape Gang OG, ChefCryptoChris, we decided to continue naming Ape Gang’s weekly newsletter “The Peel”. The Peel drops every Saturday around 12noon — 5pm EST and includes roadmap updates plus other notable news from the Ape Gang Universe

Roadmap & project updates

Ape Gang’s official roadmap

Times Square Billboard

Next up will be to secure mentions of the event in print & online media. We have a few good leads already but let us know if you know someone who knows someone.

Ape Gang merchandise enjoying the view
TDUCKS enjoying the Ape Gang merchandise
Engagement is off the charts!!

Toucans — 100% completed

If you weren’t able to mint a Toucan there are ample opportunities to stock up on OpenSea’s secondary market for Toucan Gang.

Keep in mind that Toucans will be playable characters in future Gang Wars seasons. In addition, releasing Toucans from their blockchain (“burning”) will yield a multiplier on the amount of $GANG tokens accumulated for apes once our new smart contract goes live in Q4 2021.

So, plenty of reasons to stock up on those birds.

Data data and more data….that’s how we roll

Online marketing — 100% completed

Hit us up if you start seeing these bad boys around

📣 Shout-out to some great Ape Gang community sites

Ape Gang stat site

Full Ape Gang collection site

And so did “primata [MADG]”. Link here.

A word of caution — stay safe out there!

It turns out that more than one NFT owner has fallen victim to the scam so Ape Gang detectives are now working on unraveling what seems to be a larger network of scammers. Possibly there will be a separate blog post describing the scam and the network in more details.

Back in safe hands

So how did this go down? The Ape Gang owner was looking to sell the ape and was approached by the scammer via Discord. After a day or so of chatting and negotiating price, the scammer suggested a trade via OpenSea.

The trade was turned down initially because it sounded too good to be true, which was followed by the scammer expressing his gratitude for the Ape Gang owners honesty. After another day of chatting back and forth a new deal was agreed upon.

The scammer produced a fake video showing him listing an NFT bundle for 0 ETH on OpenSea and asked the Ape Gang owner to do the same with the explanation that the unique URLs needed to complete the transfer would be exchanged after the mutual listing.

The scammer asked for another OpenSea account (First named NFT_Moonboy, now named JohnnyDoez — 0x597a39e3844481403ab1e509e2447fd8975bc4f9) to be used for the transfer and proved that he was in control of this account.

After the Ape Gang owner completed the 0 ETH listing, the scammer snatched the ape, went off the grid, and proceeded to dump the ape on OpenSea.

Take home message: always use NFT trading sites for two-way deals and transfers. Take no chances. It’s simply not worth it to save a little gas.



Created on May 4th 2021 and minted in June 2021, Ape Gang is a PFP collection & decentralised brand fuelled by $GANG.

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Ape Gang

Created on May 4th 2021 and minted in June 2021, Ape Gang is a PFP collection & decentralised brand fuelled by $GANG.