The Peel — November 6th 2021

Roadmap & project updates

Here’s a recap of what we achieved the last week in terms of roadmap progress and notable new projects being embarked on.

Roadmap 3.0

It’s been teased plenty of times during this week. But now it’s official. Ape Gang will very soon have a new roadmap 3.0 and it will blow your minds. Once we’re finished executing on roadmap 3.0, Ape Gang will belong to the absolute Super League of NFT projects.


Ape Gang’s very own custom immersible 3D world is coming sooner than you think. Roam the jungles, chill with fellow apes, and flex your 3D ape to your heart’s desire. The artwork is absolutely insane and we have a ton of future features planned. For now, enjoy the daily teasers posted on Ape Gang’s Twitter account.

Comic book

Shane and his team have been working super hard and their Ape Gang inspired “Gangs of Ape City” comic book is now fully minted and available on OpenSea.

10.000 copies of the comic are being made available — free of charge — for all apes in Ape Gang’ collection. In other words, if you own 10 apes you’ll get 10 NFT comics.

Our founders are currently working with Shane to get the comics dropped as soon as possible. It should be a relatively simple exercise but please be patient :-)

In the meantime enjoy the preview here. And make sure to follow Gangs of Ape City on Twitter.

We caught up with Shane for a quick talk about the inspiration behind their work.

We‘re a group of artists and engineers collectively with decades of experience in film, design, advertising, illustration and technology. All the work we’ve ever done was for a client — selling a product or filling a gap in someone else’s story. As artists, all we ever wanted to do was tell great stories. Our stories.

Coming across the NFT revolution, we knew this was going to change the way we do what we do. For the first time, creative property was capitalized as well as a traditional asset and in an active market where it thrives.
We left advertising and “commercial” work to use this space as a entry into creating the kind of content and consumerism that we felt was the right way to go. We started our journey with our own project called Sherlock 2050, a science fiction cyberpunk adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes characters and stories. And we genuinely believed in the potential of using characters from other PFP projects to pioneer a new generation of IP.

We went and bought a couple dozen Ape Gang NFTs the moment we saw them, between the characters, their traits and the core premise of gang rivalry in a newly taken over city — we saw the project and it’s characters as a great base to build a world-class story from.

Gangs of Ape City is the first derivative work from Schédio. While the project initially started off with an intention to use only characters that we own, we ended up ganging up with the holders of Ape Gang through Discord and used characters belonging to the entire community.

The story in Issue #1 sets up the characters and storyline for the series to follow. It’s fun, unexpected and made to be a fun comic that anyone would read, not just people holding Ape Gang NFTs.

Competitions and giveaways

Get a derivative — by Gangs of Ape City

Buy 20 editions of Gangs of Ape City’s 1st comic* and get an awesome Schédio derivative of your Ape Gang NFT airdropped to your wallet!

You’ll want to consider entering this one. The artwork on those derivatives looks insane. Click here for more information.

Diamond hand giveaway — congratulations @Garv

Bulkz 1vs1 and HUB’s meme contest

Very surprisingly, manager HUB won Bulkz’ 1vs1 tournament this week. Besides not having to do the laundry for a week, HUB also won a high resolution print, which he immediately put up for grabs in a meme contest. Some of the entries represent the best stuff we’ve seen to date. Hilarious!!



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