The Peel — December 6th 2021

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5 min readDec 6, 2021


As a tribute to legendary Ape Gang OG, ChefCryptoChris, we decided to continue naming Ape Gang’s weekly newsletter “The Peel”. The Peel drops every Sunday around 12noon — 5pm EST and includes roadmap updates plus other notable news from the Ape Gang Universe

First up, an excellent background story by jpegnick.eth

Captain Snakemouf Strongfur was born hench like prime Arnold Schwarz on a freezing winter day back in ’85. Growing up he was raised by the shelter and grew colder with age as the traumas of his miserable existence in the ape orphanage replayed like a broken record in his cement box of a mind.

Captain Snakemouf Strongfur by jpegnick.eth

He lived with the memory of the death of his parents from a human-made jungle fire, and was then “saved” by the same species that killed his family to then be sent into a “sanctuary”… or so they called it that. Snakemouf wasn’t always called Snakemouf either. It’s actually a nickname he was forced into from the other orphan apes. One day when little Snakemouf was only 10 and his name was Albert, the other apes used to gang up on him due to his unusually large muscles and ugly fur color. What seemed to be about 10 other apes circled poor Albert and threw a hissing snake at him in an attempt to scare him like usual. This time it went too far because Albert was bitten by the snake and the immediate effect was that his tongue split in half and shriveled up to the size of a straw. He looked like the snake that bit him. After years of taunting and bullying the day finally arrived. Snakemouf Strongfur turned 18 and pursued a life of crime, expectedly so, and he joined the Pirate Gang under the wings of Captain Blackfur. Blackfur is Ape City’s notorious leader of the Pirate’s entire organization. From that day forward no one was ever messing with Albert Strongfur ever again, not humans or apes. Now he wasn’t poor old Albert, but instead he was Captain Snakemouf Strongfur: a name he grew fond and proud of as it reminded him of his struggles and humbleness.

Roadmap & project updates

This week’s edition of The Peel is late for the first time in ages. Why? Because we are insanely busy executing on roadmap 3.0 — our most ambitious roadmap to date (and probably the most busy roadmap of any project at the moment)

$GANG utility

Ape Gang’s $GANG utility token will create the foundation of a thriving ecosystem with some great use cases. The possibilities are endless but we have to start somewhere. The main use cases we have planned for the initial launch are still to be revealed.

Classic utilities because we’re a class act
Switching it up with Sandbox and metaverse-related utilities. Portals to other dimensions — can’t wait to see those.

Mobile game

After a few minor setbacks due to shoddy developers, we are now making some serious progress with our mobile game. This side-scrolling smartphone game will have great game-play and be playable for free via the IOS and android stores! Play to rank on a global leader board and win prizes every month for the top performers.

Gang Wars Manager is live

We launched the BETA version of Gang Wars Manager (read our tutorial here) because its already now a great tool for Gang Leaders to form their gangs.

Jokong has outdone himself with the new Jaguar NFT collection
You can ONLY win these bad boys by participating in Gang Wars Season 1


We launched Ape Gang’s first merchandise collection and it was a HUGE success with more than 200 items selling the first 24 hours. We can’t wait to see pictures on Twitter when you receive your stuff!!

Super clean. Just how we like it!


December 10th draws nearer. Enough said.

Notable mentions & social media

Omar killed it representing Ape Gang at the Discord NFT summit hosted by BSC News. Watch the recording here.

35000 Twitter followers, 2 million monthly impressions, 10K on Instagram coming up, and good traction on YouTube and TikTok. We’re a well-oiled media machine! Check out all our social media links on Ape Gang’s LinkTree.

Next up, 40K
Soak in the vibes from Manager HUB’s newest family addition!

Competitions and giveaways

We’re giving away ApeX, the famous 1/1 space ape, to celebrate migrating to our own smart contract on December 15th. Each individual ape migrated to the new contract will earn a raffle ticket. More details in Ape Gang’s discord.


In related news, we now have our very own Ape Gang Collabs collection on OpenSea for collaborations, derivatives and other 1/1s, which will not be included in the main collection. This came in handy for our latest collaboration with Fang Gang resulting in a stunning derivative won by 44Four44Four in a fun background story competition.


Outlook for next week




Ape Gang

Created on May 4th 2021 and minted in June 2021, Ape Gang is a PFP collection & decentralised brand fuelled by $GANG.