Jaguar utilities, “Jaguarnomics”, and minting details

The purpose of this article is twofold. Firstly, to share more detailed information about the Jaguar utilities, “Jaguarnomics”, and minting details. Secondly, to share our thinking behind some important improvements we have made compared to previous articles about Jaguars.

A quick reminder

  • 64th to 17th place: 50 Jaguar NFTs per gang (i.e. one per ape)
  • 16th to 9th place: 100 Jaguar NFTs per gang (i.e. two per ape)
  • 8th to 5th place: 150 Jaguar NFTs per gang (i.e. three per ape)
  • 3rd & 4th place: 200 Jaguar NFTs per gang (i.e. four per ape)
  • 2nd place: 300 Jaguar NFTs (i.e. six per ape)
  • 1st place: 400 Jaguar NFTs (i.e. eight per ape)
  • Jaguar relief pool: 100 Jaguar NFTs

Over time, 5000 exclusive “Legendary Cub NFTs” and — at most — 2500 Legendary Jaguar NFTs”, will be added as described below. All Jaguars will coexist on the same contract / collection.

Legendary Jaguar NFTs

  1. A pair of Legendary Jaguars can breed one Legendary Cub every 30 days. This represents a change from the 45 days we have previously announced. Continue reading for an explanation.
Fuse two Jaguars into a Legendary Jaguar. Genetics will play a big role.

Legendary Cubs will play an important role in Ape Gang’s Universe

  1. The price for breeding a Legendary Cub is 700 $GANG.
  2. You must hold a pair of Legendary Jaguars to breed.
A pair of Legendary Jaguars can breed a Legendary Cub. Genetics will play a big role.

What’s new?

Breeding limit for Legendary Jaguars

This will no longer be the case.

Instead, we have decided to introduce a breeding limit on Legendary Jaguars and reduce the breeding cycle to 30 days. We expect these changes will increase the value of Jaguar NFTs, result in higher trait diversity amongst Legendary Jaguars and Legendary Cubs, and make breeding more fun.

With a maximum of 2500 Legendary Jaguars (1250 breeding pairs) and a breeding limit of 4, we need to increase the number of Legendary Cubs from 4000 to 5000.

Jaguars and Gang Wars

This will no longer be the case.

Since we will now have a breeding limit on Legendary Jaguars as well as smaller Gang Wars gangs (Season Two gangs consist of five Apes and up to 5 Toucans), we need to adjust the role of Jaguars in future Gang Wars accordingly:

  • Only Legendary Jaguars will be able to participate in Gang Wars. Jaguars and Jaguar Cubs no longer qualify.
  • The number of Legendary Jaguars allowed per gang as well as their stat boost potential will be adjusted according to the game dynamics of respective war seasons.

By only including Legendary Jaguars in Gang Wars, we maintain their utility even after the breeding limit is reached.

Legendary Jaguar NFTs

  • The traits of Legendary Jaguars will be inherited through a genetics system from the original Jaguars you decide to fuse.
  • Each Legendary Jaguar can only breed 4 times. Meaning that a pair of Legendary Jaguars can also only breed 4 times.

Legendary Jaguar Cubs

  • We have decided to wait a while before we announce the special rights and benefits you gain from owning a Legendary Cub. Why? Because we can.

Jaguar minting — we’re saving the best for last.

This will no longer be the case.

Instead, we decided to step things up and link the Jaguar mints to the Gang Wars Season 1 Apes themselves and remove the 2 week time limitation on minting.

This will help maintain the increased value of Apes with Jaguar claims and ensure that all 5000 Jaguar NFTs will eventually be minted. It also creates a permanent market for Gang Wars Season 1 Apes with remaining Jaguar claims.



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