Gang Wars Banter Series: DIAMOND BEAKS!

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3 min readNov 1, 2021


This is a series of blog posts where we interview notable Gang Leaders for Ape Gang’s upcoming Gang Wars Season 1.

First up was LEGION OF THE CONCRETE JUNGLE and we now move on to DIAMOND BEAKS led by Madrab. As you will see, what DIAMOND BEAKS lack in memes, they make up for in banter.

DIAMOND BEAKS are strong in memes, but they whipped on up in a heartbeat. That’s how they roll.

Why did you apply to be a Gang Leader?

I realized how passionate BulkZ was about having the best gang and decided that someone needed to take Lucifers Cult down a peg, I mean, what a dumb name anyway, did you know In Christian tradition, “Lucifer” is used as the proper name of the devil before his fall from grace. I’m not a Christian by the way, but I know what an upcoming fall from Grace as a Gang Leader looks like.

Why will your Gang dominate Gang Wars Season 1?

I have observed lots of the ‘top’ Gang Leaders obsessing over statistics and the numbers, I guess they think that they will be able to win based on purely recruiting the best Apes on paper. My take on gang strength is a little more holistic. I want good people in my team who I can rely on and trust. People who will be able to provide tactical input and people who I am going to have fun competing with. I think dominating Gang wars is not necessarily about who lifts the trophy, but which team has the most fun participating, and season 1 will be judged upon how much engagement and enjoyment it brings the WHOLE Ape Gang Community. I think with our inclusive approach — we will dominate season 1 and be the most attractive proposition as we move into future seasons.

All that being said, I would love to drink the tears of some of the other butthurt gang leaders and will do whatever it takes to make this happen.

Having said that, who do you see as your main competitor?

Not LC — I’ll be surprised if they are not in some sort of relegation battle come the end of season 1. I am not sure if there is a relegation feature but take this as a suggestion because that gang is gonna need one. Seriously though, I have seen Ape Mafia making some sneaky moves, they are one to watch.

Gang Wars Season 2 will include Toucans and Jaguars but not much else has been revealed. How do you see Season 2 playing out?

In my head I am imagining some sort of Ape Gang Tekken x Super Smash Bros x Ape Gang type vibe. Maybe this is ambitious, maybe not, the team have been knocking the roadmap out of the park this year, so I am ready for them to over-deliver once again. Maybe seeing BulkZ / BGB’s PFP Apes being eaten by one of my Jaguars, that would be a successful Season 2.

What’s your favorite thing about Ape Gang’s community?

The #ApeHelpApe culture. Some of the examples of this have been truly incredible and inspirational moments of kindness, which have put a lasting smile on my face. My favorite example of this was when a community member was talking about his upcoming wedding in the discord server, and 5 minutes later someone in the community bought one of his personal artworks on OpenSea for $2000.

Where do you see Ape Gang EOY (talking about floors is forbidden)?

I am expecting to see significant growth in the community, and a return to the front page of OpenSea, as well as becoming a regular fixture in the op 10 volume chart. The people that have been with Ape Gang since summer have seen the market cycles and don’t get worried by dips anymore. Lots of apes have moved to Diamond Hand wallets over this time, and Ape Gang is still showing huge signs of strength compared to what’s happening elsewhere and unfavorable gas prices. Its quite possible we will see our first Ape Gang Lambo purchase before 2022, watch this space.

Who should we interview next?

Don V (Cenzo) from Ape Mafia!



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