Buy your own custom apegang.eth ENS subdomain with $GANG

You probably noticed that Ape Gang’s founders recently bought the apegang.eth ENS domain. They did this with the intention of allowing Ape Gang holders to buy their own custom apegang.eth subdomains using Ape Gang’s utility token, $GANG (link to $GANG on Sushi Swap).

We may be in an NFT and Crypto market slump but that doesn’t stop us from launching new utilities and we’re proud to announce that custom apegang.eth subdomains will be available very soon:

  • 150$ GANG + gas per subdomain
  • 1 subdomain per wallet ID

Wow! Cool! What can I do with them?

ENS subdomains work in a similar way as ENS domains. They allow you to create an easy to remember shortcut linked to your Ethereum address. For example kolsas.apegang.eth instead of the long string of numbers and letters (e.g. 0xa12…76b).

Here’s a brief summary of ENS subdomain use cases (adapted from link):

  • Set your reverse record and have decentralized apps display your ENS subdomain name in place of your wallet address. This will allow you to receive any cryptocurrency, token, or blockchain-based item (like NFTs) using your ENS subdomain instead of your wallet ID.
  • Point your ENS subdomain name to your website. With browsers that offer native support for ENS, you can simply type your ENS subdomain name to visit the site directly. For non-web3 browsers like Chrome, you can add a “.link” suffix to open the website.
  • Add profile information like an avatar, email address, or Twitter handle. These will also be visible on the blockchain.

How are ENS subdomains different from ENS domains?

  • ENS subdomains from Ape Gang are not NFTs.
  • There are no renewal fees for ENS subdomains. The renewal fees are borne by apegang.eth.

Can I trade or sell my ENS subdomain?

Yes, you can swap your ENS subdomain with other holders or even sell it. But because it is not an NFT, the team will need to make the corresponding changes in the back end. Please submit a support ticket in Ape Gang’s discord if you have changes that need to be made.

Enough talk already, how do I get my hands on one?

To buy your ENS Ape Gang subdomain, all you have to do is visit Ape Gang’s utility page (link) and follow the steps outlined & illustrated below.



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Ape Gang

Created on May 4th 2021 and minted in June 2021, Ape Gang is a PFP collection & decentralised brand fuelled by $GANG.