Ape Gang tokenomics: $GANG yield & Toucan multiplier

Everyone following Ape Gang’s progress and roadmap knows that our founders have hired a solidity developer who is hard at work on Ape Gang’s own smart contract, which will enable the Q4 2021 launch of Ape Gang’s $GANG token and a wealth of associated utilities.

We are now ready to share two key aspects of Ape Gang’s tokenomics, namely the $GANG yield of individual apes and the Toucan multiplier.


$GANG yield

Each ape will yield 1$ GANG per day in perpetuity.

Toucan multiplier

One - and only one - Toucan can be burnt per ape. After burning a Toucan, the respective ape’s $GANG yield will increase to 1.25$ GANG per day in perpetuity (i.e. a 1.25x Toucan multiplier).

$GANG use cases

As Ape Gang’s official token, $GANG will have many use cases within our universe. The two main use cases remain a mystery….for now. Other use cases we are envisioning and working on include entries to exclusive tournaments, in-MetaVerse purchases, customization of your ape, to exclusive merchandise. Just to mention a few examples.



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Ape Gang

Created on May 4th 2021 and minted in June 2021, Ape Gang is a PFP collection & decentralised brand fuelled by $GANG.