Ape Gang Community Series: Get to know “MadRab.eth”

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4 min readDec 2, 2021


In this series of blog posts we interview notable Ape Gang community members. In our last interview with “Ic3cream.eth” he suggested we interview “MadRab.eth” one of Ape Gang NFT’s most active mods in terms of posting attacks (keep grinding — it means more than you can imagine!!).

What’s the favorite ape you own?

#3188 — my PFP — soon I’ll have a figurine of him on the mantelpiece. He is the enforcer, takes no shit from anyone. A cheetah but also a doctor, shocked but also vibing. He will never leave my side.

Ape Gang hits different!

What’s the ape of your dreams?

#1206. 6T Red Devil Robot 🤯

This ape comes prepared for pretty much any apocalypse

What’s your favorite ape trait?

Shocked Mouth 😮- all apes with this trait look baller.

How did you find Ape Gang and why did you ape in?

I had been watching the NFT space for a few months from the outside, mostly looking at cryptopunk sale bot and asking “wtf why are people paying so much for jpegs” then I saw on Twitter a Poker Player who I followed (Kevin Martin) tweeting about buying an ape gang and I looked up the price which at the time was 0.09 ETH. This was about 350 bucks including gas at the time in August and probably what I was comfortable investing with it all being so unknown. I loved that it was kinda like a cross between an ape and a punk. I think I joined the discord a couple weeks later as the price started to increase rapidly all the way to 0.6 in the first big run, couldn’t believe my luck. The rest is history.

What are your interests outside of Ape Gang?

I’m a chartered engineer and project manager in the offshore wind industry, so that keeps me busy through the week. I play golf when weather permits and love running/exercising. Weekends you’ll find me hanging with friends drinking Heineken zeros and spending too much time on discord. I’m also studying German and try to read as much as I can.

What do you think you’re known for in the community?

People know me as part of the moderator team. I like to think I’m known for being reliable, calm and helpful. I do my best to steer conversations in a positive direction and make sure everyone in the gang has their voice heard.

What’s your favorite thing about the community?

It’s resilience is really impressive. There have been some dark days for the NFT market recently, which have been reflected in Ape Gang. There is a core of people that you can always count on to have your back even in tough times and that’s a rare thing. There are lots of energetic communities but Ape Gang is so real. There is an understanding and banter between the community where it’s not taken too seriously and it doesn’t come across as if people are trying too hard. It’s a reflection of what you want in IRL communities.

What’s a must know for someone wanting to join the community?

Lots of people join NFT communities are too focused on what they are going to get. “Wen free airdrop”, “how can I get whitelist”, “why didn’t I win the giveaway”. If everyone has this attitude it can be a bit negative. I have found that by focusing on the value you can add to a community first, contributing to things in a meaningful way and helping others. Opportunities and good things will come back to you in spades. When lots of people do this you have a community that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Where do you see Ape Gang EOY (talking about floors is forbidden)?

I am expecting to see unique holder count rise to new all time highs, as the NFT world starts to see all the roadmap execution that has been going on behind the scenes. I think the atmosphere by year end will be electric when gang wars is in full swing, and more this in turn will be reflected in the value of apes. No other project is delivering true value like Ape Gang and it’s only a matter of time. The people who get it now will be rewarded.

Who should we interview next and why?

We all know a certain content creator has joined the team and started smashing it out of the park with his amazing YouTube videos. I would love to hear more about @OGs back story and how he got into the gang/YouTube game.



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