Ape Gang Community Series: Get to know “Bulkz”

What’s the favorite ape you own?

My favourite ape I own has got to be #6977, I remember first joining ape gang and looking through every single ape in the top 1000 and stumbled across this guy and now everything is history — my one and only forever PFP ape.

These apes mean business!
This is the Bulkz we all know. #6977 is an iconic ape.

What’s the ape of your dreams?

The ape of my dreams would be an alien ape with only devil wings and devil horns … what a combo!

What’s your favorite ape trait?

My favourite ape trait is the devil wings , I think it looks so amazing provided the right matching traits (Red Devil fur , devil horns etc ).

How did you find Ape Gang and why did you ape in?

I found ape gang hopelessly scrolling through OpenSea when I was first exposed and became addicted to NFTs and the whole concept — completely random!

What are your interests outside of Ape Gang?

I love modifying and driving fast cars , train in the gym and play games with my IRL friends online.

What do you think you’re known for in the community?

I think I am most known for my floor sweeps when I first joined in August , I remember the chat being spammed ‘Bulkz’ faster than you could even read it — but now I am known for being the leader of LC and of course being part of management now.

What’s your favorite thing about the community?

My favourite thing about the community is everyone’s true loyalty and passion for the project , staying resilient through the ups and downs of our project , but staying strong and always being there for one another — some of the true compassion and generosity I have seen in the chat truly brightens my day.

What’s a must know for someone wanting to join the community?

LC is the best gang. Period !

Where do you see Ape Gang EOY (talking about floors is forbidden)?

I see ape gang as a global brand, a ‘household name ‘ in the NFT space , achieving more than we could ever imagine … we will probably be on our 10th completed roadmap by then xD.

Who should we interview next and why?

I think next up you should interview Kaiserknife - the Golden Ape because he is a very prominent figure within the AG community and I want to hear his thoughts !



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Ape Gang

Ape Gang


Created on May 4th 2021 and minted in June 2021, Ape Gang is a PFP collection & decentralised brand fuelled by $GANG.