I am one of the old guard. An OG leader. And as such, I command respect throughout the Gang.

My peers describe me as a wise, sophisticated, fair, and calm Ape with a track record of diffusing tense situations. When the shit hits the fan, you call Ape Lincoln. Everybody knows.

I am a busy ape and seldom have time for fun. Which is more than I can say about the new blood. Frankly, I am sick of this new generation of Apes who have become complacent after living their lives in abundance. Complacency could be the end of us.

And I will make sure everybody knows.

I am Ape Lincoln. Respect is earned not given.



Ape Gang

Created on May 4th 2021 and minted in June 2021, Ape Gang is a PFP collection & decentralised brand fuelled by $GANG.